Lighting Camera Operator + Kit
Ready to shoot packages available with or without lighting. DOP, Single Camera, DV Director, PD
aerial Drone Operator
Certified Commercial Drone Pilot. Get amazing shots from a different perspective. From DJI Mavic Pro 2 to DJI Inspire 2.
Gimbal Operator | rope access
Add 'SteadiCam' like shots for your project or get unique shots from places few dare to go!
For full productions, corporates or promos click here or select 'Productions' from the menu for more information.


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Kit List

  • NEW: Canon Eos C500 Mark II
    - HD, 4K or '6K RawLight'
    - Slow-motion with sound up to 60fps, no sound 120fps
    - Full-Frame, Super 35, Super 16 formats
    - Up to 4 sound channels
    - Beautiful skin tones
  • Canon Eos C300 Mark I
  • Fujifilm XT-3
  • GoPro Hero 5

A selection of lenses ranging from 16mm to 300mm

  • Primes (16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm)
  • EF zooms (24-70mm, 70-300mm)
  • Fuji lenses for XT-3 (16-55mm, 23mm)
  • Mattebox and Filters
  • Wireless Follow Focus
  • 6 panel lights
  • LED Dedolight
  • Dedolight Octodome
  • Kinoflo Diva400
  • Mini Kino Flo kit (for lighting in tight spaces or cars)
  • Stands, C-stands, gels, softboxes, china balls, black wrap, black cloth etc.
  • Shotgun mics
  • Wireless mics
  • Boom pole
    - Wireless boom set up for ease when on location
  • Boom pole holder and stand
    - For shooting interviews. Covid-19 Friendly
  • Zoom 4HN recorder
  • C500 Mark II can hold up to 4 channels of XLR inputs
  • DJI Mavic Pro 2
    - 10 Bit Up to 4K | 1 Inch Sensor
  • DJI Mavic Air 2
    - 8 Bit up to 4K | 1/2 Inch Sensor
  • DJI Inspire 2 with Xemuse X7 Camera
    - Up to 6K | Super 35 Sensor
    - 14 Stops Dynamic Range
  • Field and Production Monitors
  • Wireless Video Transmitters/Receivers
  • V-Lock Batteries
  • MoviPro Rig (for smooth shots)
  • EasyRig Vario5
  • Sliders
  • Rope access equipment for shots at height
  • Ready to shoot location: Standard kit including camera, cards, batteries, hand held rig, lenses, tripod and sound
  • Ready to shoot interviews: All the above and lights to shoot interviews and lighting basic scenes
  • Contact me for more info and prices


Lock Down Rock Up
Nicocam - Best Short Film & People's Choice Award at Kendal Mountain Festival
director | Producer |
camera | editor
Various ITV Special Docs
LIGHTING Camera Operator
How Safe Is Your Vape?
Channel 5
Lighting Camera Operator
Toby Smith Tribute Film
Documentary Film
director of photography
Help The Animals 2019
Channel 5
Lighting Camera Operator
Deaf Futsal
Lighting Camera Operator
Big Ben: Saving the World's Most Famous
Clock Episode 3
Channel 4
Camera Operator | DV Director
London's Great Bridges: Lighting the
Channel 4
Lighting Camera Operator | dv director
Police, Camera, Auction
Camera Operator
The Clues that Caught the Killer - Sadie Hartley
Channel 5
Lighting Camera Operator
Naughty! The Life and Loves of Boris
Channel 5
Lighting Camera Operator
Heatwave Britain: Who Needs Ibiza?
Channel 4
Camera Operator
Too Much TV (Live)
Jeremy Vine (Live)
Channel 5
Pedestal, handheld and Dolphin arm
The Mash Report
Genderquake - The Debate (Live)
Channel 4
Live: Brexit Debate - Deal or No Deal?
Channel 5
NFL, EFL, Soccer Saturday (Live)
The Saturday Show (Live)
Channel 5
Pedestal, handheld and hot head
Sunday Brunch (Live)
Channel 4
Pedestal, handheld and hot head
The Wright Stuff in Manchester (Live)
Channel 5
The Superhuman Show
Channel 4
Pedestal and hand held
Channel 5
Pedestal and Dolphin arm
a fairy tale Christmas
Online Streaming
Lock Down Rock Up
Best Short Film & People's Choice Award at Kendal Mountain Festival
documentary short film
ursa maksie
Social Media
Promotional content | advert
chris ramsey: just happy tour trailer
Social Media
world agritech highlights
Social Media
pitchvision app
Social Media
future food tech highlights
Social Media
for jimmy
Social Media
charity event Highlights
in production
A Nicocam Film
documentary Feature film
in production
Website | Social Media
awareness short films
  • CAA Qualified Drone Operator
  • Advanced Editor with Davinci Resolve Studio & Adobe Premiere Pro and Basic Knowledge with Adobe After Effects
  • Full and clean Car and Motorbike Licence
  • Fluent in French. Basic Spanish. FRENCH ID CARD for easy travel/work around Europe
  • Emergency First Aid
  • RYA National Power Boat Level 1 & 2 Licence
  • Advanced Rock Climber (Single, Multi Pitch, Sport and Trad). Rope Access Knowledge for Photography and Filmmaking.
  • Advanced Skiier (On and Off Piste) with Avalanche Training. Ex Ski Instructor
  • Advanced Kitesurfer. Ex Kitesurfing Instructor
  • PADI Open Water


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About Nico

I am an award winning lighting cameraman, DOP & aerial drone pilot with industry-grade kit, including the recent Canon C500 Mark II. I specialise in documentary filming, but also have experience across a broader spectrum of projects such as entertainment, sports and live/pre-recorded studio. I also provide services to create full productions from films to corporate videos to promos.

My strengths on location consist of producing high quality work efficiently, tackling sensitive subjects and having strong communication skills with presenters and contributors. I’ve learnt to navigate challenging environments including those that have required special access. I will always do my utmost to get the best shot. This includes creating the best lighting too; something that I enjoy and excel at, particularly for interviews.

I own the recent Canon C500 Mark II along with a range of lenses, sound and lighting equipment. I can also easily acquire any other or additional equipment through tried and tested kit houses.

I love the outdoors and extreme sports therefore am able to adapt and cope with a wide range of demanding scenarios and climates. I am a qualified ski instructor and enjoy performing to an advanced level both on and off-piste. As a result, I am trained in mountain and avalanche survival. When I’m not on the slopes, you can find me on the rocks or the sea! I have also taught kitesurfing which has given me good knowledge of open waters and my more recent enjoyment of rock climbing has allowed me to explore and expand my knowledge of rope access. I believe these traits help me achieve those once-in-a-lifetime shots.

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